Easy integration and monitoring

Ensure your organizations’ safety by monitoring compliance from 10 to 10,000 people

Safe Spacer makes it easy to monitor social distancing, whether you have existing IT infrastructure or not. Get actionable insight into your visitors’ or employees’ behavior that will help you keep them safe without impacting your operation.

Multiple configuration options make it ideal for every monitoring need, from stand-alone use to integration with enterprise-level software.

And as always, Safe Spacer only collects timestamps of distancing violations and the device ID(s) within safe distance, keeping all your other data completely anonymous and secure. Units are not linked to an individual unless you choose to associate their names to specific devices IDs.

Social Distancing made simple

social distancing made simple

When used just as a social distance alarm, Safe Spacer works out of the box at pre-set distance thresholds and alarms, with no extra equipment required for normal operation.

Just have your visitors or workers or wear it during their visit or shift and Safe Spacer will help them to maintain social distance.

Free contact logging software


For smaller businesses and organizations, the free Safe Spacer software for Mac/PC allows devices to connect and log contacts, and provides easy-to-read charts of essential data so you can monitor compliance.

Plus, it also lets users associate device IDs with workers names, as well as customize Safe Spacer settings one-by one or in bulk (using the optional S-Charger docking station).

From single access-point facilities with a computer…

From single access-point facilities with a computer

For wireless data download, Safe Spacer can connect via UWB to an optional wall-mounted S-Bridge access point, which then transfers the data to any Mac/PC computer with a USB port.

Small facilities can place an S-Bridge at their entry/exit point and connect to any Mac/PC running the Safe Spacer software for data monitoring.

Or facilities can use S-Charger docking stations placed in a locker room or other central location. Connected to a main computer, the S-Chargers serve for device storage, data download and battery re-charging, all in one place.

…to large facilities with advanced cloud-based monitoring

to large facilities with advanced cloud-based monitoring

If your company already uses operations, business, IoT (internet-of-things) or other enterprise software, you can easily integrate Safe Spacer thanks to the data/communication tools provided, for integration and customization.

For real-time data download, multiple S-Bridge access points can be placed at each entry and exit point, or throughout the facilities and connected to the pre-existing IT infrastructure using embedded computers or IoT gateways.

Alternatively, multiple S-Charger stations can be placed in access points or lockers rooms, connected to your IT infrastructure for data download, sanitization and re-charging for the next working shift.

Safe Spacer offers a range of selected integration partners to help your business move this data to the cloud, whether it’s to your existing IT enterprise solution or a custom-built one. With solutions for everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 business, you’ll be up and running right away. Or contact us for assistance with your own custom integration.

Selected integration partners