Safe Spacer uses cutting-edge technology to deliver superior accuracy, reliability and privacy while maintaining social distance

Safe Spacer exploded view

Precise positioning using Ultra-wideband (UWB)


Safe Spacer uses Ultra-wideband (UWB), the same technology introduced in the latest devices like Apple’s iPhone 11, to achieve precise ranging between devices. It’s up to 10x more accurate than traditional Bluetooth (with 10 cm vs. 1 meter).

No additional hardware required

No additional hardware required

Existing UWB solutions generally need an anchor unit to precisely monitor position. But with Safe Spacer’s innovative infrastructure-less system, there’s no extra hardware to install, and Safe Spacer can be used as a stand-alone device right out of the box.

Safe Spacer 3 views

Built for privacy

Built for privacy

Since Safe Spacer only tracks your position relative to other units, it doesn’t capture traditional location information or other sensitive data. And only contacts are logged for potential tracing, keeping you safe and your privacy secure.


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